YOU’VE GOTTA SEE THIS! Five Things Everyone Steals

You probably don’t consider yourself a thief; after
all, you don’t walk into stores and pick an item
without paying. You don’t threaten anyone
physically to give you anything. But newsflash!
EVERYONE steals. Let’s list a few of the basic
things, shall we?

1. Movies and music: You think movies and music
just happen to appear on your computer of their
own free will? Wrong! You know that movie you just
downloaded illegally? Well, that’s theft, honey. And
that single – no, that entire album? Hmm, I’m
thinking we have a problem here.

2. Pens and pencils: Haha. This is the most
common. Know that pencil you “borrowed” from a
friend or colleague and “forgot” to return? Well, you
stole it. Think about it: how many pens have you
actually bought? Or do you just always happen to
have one dropped off by the pen fairy?

3. Lighters: Any smoker knows that you don’t buy
lighters. Lighters just always find you. They’re quite
like pens, honestly. You bum a light from another
smoker, and before you know it, you get home and
are emptying your pockets and gasp! Is that a
lighter? Thief.

4. Cashier Slipups : This is the best. You know,
you’re at the checkout counter and you’re buying
five lighters, *sniggers* but the cashier only rings
up three. Do you say something? Do you wait to
see if she notices? What if the cashier was rude to
you? Or maybe it’s this: you’ve got a 12-pack of
soda under the cart and you forget about until you
get to the car, do you go back? When is it stealing
and when is it an oversight? Or is it just an
opportunity? Meh. It’s probably just God blessing
you for being so good. It’s all yours, Sticky Fingers.

5. Food: You’re at a bar or a restaurant or
something, and there’s some light snacks to just
keep your mouth busy. But when you shovel as
much food as is needed to complete a full meal,
has it transcended onto full blown theft?

Do you still feel like you don’t steal after reading
our list of Five Things Everyone Steals?

Admit joor!

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