“You Are Free To Go In Peace” – Kemi Olunloyo Finally Ends Her Social Media With Seyi Law

Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has officially ended her social media war with comedian Seyi Law over the health of his daughter.

Few months back,  Kemi called out Seyi Law on Instagram saying he should mind his daughter, Tiwa’s weight as she is obese. Seyi Law came for her, she in return blasted him and the drama continued like that.

But Kemi is now ending the whole beef. She shared a video praying for Seyi Law’s daughter and wrote;

“#Tiwagate is OVER!

Special message for Tiwa @seyilaw1’s daughter. Seyi blocked me after the beef started yet he talks about me to all media and I can’t read his postings about me except too many tagging me.
Seyi you are now free to go in peace. May God bless Tiwa. She will read this one day. When I become 73yo, she will be 20yo on the internet. I will not taint her childhood with bickering and hate. I respect myself as a social critic. Nigerians do not understand that concept asking a Journalist to contact celebrities privately. It is not done. We use public figures to illustrate many things. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, Diabetes, heart disease and more. It will not be in your portion IJN.

God Bless you baby Tiwa Alatile. I made you famous and proud of you. #girlpower💪
#hnnhealth #hnnkids #hnnpersonality”

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