6 Things I Learnt from XXXTentacion’s Death

XXXTentacion’s death: Until today, I never knew an artist called XXXTentacion ever existed. I’m sorry I learned about him after his death but if it wasn’t that his name appeared as a keyword on Twitter’s trending topic, I wouldn’t still have known him. XXXTentacion was shot dead in Florida.

So, after seeing the trending topic, I took time to read tweets from Twitter users and what I saw was different views from different people about a certain person who just lost his life and quite a number of thoughts ran through my mind as Lessons Learnt from XXXTentacion’s death.
1. Live a good life: 
From some of the tweets I came across, I noticed XXXTentacion never lived a good life. While some people are praising him for inspiring them through his music, some people spoke about XXXTentacion beating a gay, his girlfriend and some other people. I also learned that he abused and rape people as well. Above all, if you are reading this article, try as much as possible to live a good life so you don’t have people expressing different thoughts when you demise.


2. Respect Women
Men, even if you choose not to agree, women deserve all the respect and accolades. Never ever lay hands on any woman. If there’s one thing some fans are using to speak bad about XXXTentacion, it is because he beat up his girlfriend at a certain time. Respect a woman, please.


3. Rape is not cool
One of the tweets I saw reads “Lol f*cking XXXTentacion got shot. He was a rape creep so I literally feel nothing. Bye bitch.” I felt bad when I saw this but then who am I to blame, everyone is responsible for expressing their opinion the way they chose to. Rape is a big deal, it is forcefully sleeping with a certain person without consent. Wherever you are right now, know this: Rape is not cool.

4. Life goes on.
XXXTentacion is dead but did the life of others, stop? No. Everyone will move on when you are dead. You need to start asking yourself if you are living your life the way God has destined you to live it. Take charge of your day always and be the change you want to see.

5. Trending for the Right Reason
Personally, I do not wish seeing anyone trending for the wrong reason. While some people see trolling as cool and a means to trend, I do not think that’s a safe route. In the case of XXXTentacion, he is trending for the good, bad and ugly reasons. Do all you can to let people speak good of you at all times. Always trend for the right reason. Die a good death.

6. Technology is causing more harm than good. 
If there’s anyone who loves technology so well, it’s me! But I read from a Nurses’ open letter that when XXXTentacion was shot, everyone started capturing the scene and sharing on social media instead of calling 911 or the police immediately. That got me really worried because the man could have been saved if someone actually put down their phone and checked him. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc are great but do not choose it over human lives. Stay woke and save a life.

Is there any another thing you learned from the death of XXXTentacion, please feel free to add in the comment section, share this post and I’ll update the post to include your lessons and credit your points.

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