Woman Posts Graphic Facebook Photos Of Her Face Battered & Bruised By Abusive Boyfriend

A Tennessee woman has posted graphic photos of her battered face online in an effort to spread awareness about domestic violence. Angela Brower, 37, said she recently broke up with her boyfriend of six months after he became verbally and physically abusive towards her.

On May 18, he came over to retrieve his belongings, he attacked me, punched me in the face so hard that I was knocked out. The orbital bone around my eye was completely shattered and my nose was broken on both sides and very displaced, Brower said.

She also noted that she regained consciousness only to find him beating her in the back of the head and pleaded with him to spare her life for her children. He stopped and that was when I found chance to escape, she said.

When Brower was released from the hospital, she took to Facebook to share photos of her severely battered face.

“Does this look like LOVE TO ANYONE OF YOU?” she wrote.

Brower said she wants other women to know the dangers of domestic abuse so they can get out of bad situations before they escalate.

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