Wizkid: i did not steal pakurumo o o o

In an interview published
recently, the singer Wizkid
addressed the claims that he
stole the ‘pakuromo’ song on
his debut ‘Superstar’ album
when the singer came to the school she was attending for a
gig, She had performed a song
of hers with the same chorus
as heard in Wizkid’s
Pakuromo, only to have it
heard on the singer’s album. Excerpt of interview below: A 300L English Language
student of Adekunle Ajasin
University Ado Ekiti claims that
you stole her song titled
Pakurumo. How true is that? Wizkid: (Laughs) What is the name of the school again? I
saw the story on the internet. I
have never been there and I
don’t even know the girl they
are talking about. I have never
been to Ado Ekiti before. It is funny, that is why I said
earlier, that they keep coming.
I go to sleep and wake up in
rumours everyday. Nothing
like that ever happened. I am
sure that somebody just sits down and cooks up that too. It
is funny; I don’t even know
what to say. So how did you come about
Pakurumo? Wizkid: Pakurumo is a word that I have been hearing since
I was young so I decided to
make a song with the term.

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