I had an interview live on twitter with a prolific actress who had gone far and wide in the area of theatre business, She’s my mentor, my friend and someone i love so much, no other persn than UZOR OSIMKPA, In this interview, Uzor Spoke about herself and so many other things you should know about her. Check out the interview Below.

@IamBigtimi: Your real names pls? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview

@uzlalaUzoma Oluchi Osimkpa. Just call me Uzor.
@uzlalaI’m an Actor, Presenter & Entrepreneur.
@IamBigtimi: Okay As an Actor,are you into films or Stage plays? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaI am a Character Actor. Done all +TV.
@IamBigtimi Okay  As an Entrepreneur,what’s the latest from your Brand? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlala“UzieVerse Concepts”. We’re into Makeup&Gele Artistry+Home&Office interior consulting.
@IamBigtimi Okay still on Acting, Which one is better, STAGE OR SCREEN? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaI started off on stage,still love it like the 1st day. It’s LIVE,SPONTANEOUS,GRUELLING it’s 3D!!! Can’t quite say 1 is “better”
 @IamBigtimi Whats your source of Inspiration? #Acting #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaGOD ooo!!!! & that internal & eternal subconscious realisms of feigning for make-believe.#NOPRICETAG
@IamBigtimiIs theatre in Nigeria DEAD? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaGOD FORBID!!! Theatre is US!! We’ve been & are here to stay!!
@IamBigtimiI think theatre needs Resuscitation. Do you agree with me? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaYes. As much as it needs FUNDING
@IamBigtimiHave u ever had any Horrible moment on Stage? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaHad a seizure at the end of a scene. OH! SMH.
@IamBigtimiWhat is that thing you can’t do without? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaUum…. Prayer. My phones
@IamBigtimiOoh Less i forget, u tlkd about presenting, What jobs have you done on that? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaPresenting for an online TV,IROKTV,under the auspices of IROKO PARTNERS. & some yet to go live.
@uzlalaI’d say..Yes. Recently took a chance on it,runway at that.
@IamBigtimiWe really want to knw, Are you Single? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaYes,I’m unmarried. Hehehe.
@IamBigtimi List five words that describe your character. #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlala Friendly,kind,no-nonsense,spontaneous,intelligent!
@IamBigtimiWhere do you see yourself in the next 5yrs? #BigtmiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaOn earth,still fulfilling destiny,by God.
@IamBigtimi Do u have a website of any type? #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlala1 soon to come,still in the works.
Just For Fun, fill the blanks, Without theatre, i would be………… #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@IamBigtimiJust For Fun, fill the blanks, Support theatre because ………… #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@IamBigtimiSay something to the people out there #BigtimiExclusiveInterview
@uzlalaHey,God 1st,keep your head up,face your face,be happy!
@IamBigtimi Whats your comment on the brand #Bigtimi
@uzlalaGreat work!Nice innovation. Keep doing your thing&all the best.

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