Who’s using Mrs Mimiko fake facebook account? (A must Read)

THE wife of Ondo State
Governor, Mrs Olukemi Mimiko
yesterday raised the alarm over
activities of swindlers who have
been operating a false facebook account in her name. According to a statement by Mrs
Mimiko, fraudsters have been
using the fake social media
account to fleece innocent people
in the name and an image of her
person as well as placing her biography on the facebook
account. She said: " My attention has been
drawn to the existence of a fake
facebook account created by
some cyber criminals in the
popular social media network . "The purported facebook-social
media account with the name Mrs
Olukemi Mimiko has my personal
and official pictures." She pleaded with the
unsuspecting public to be vigilant
so as not to fall prey to the antics
of the fraudsters. , Mrs Mimiko advised members of
the public to disregard the
facebook account operating in
her name, insisting that she has
not been operating any official
facebook or social media network account or page. "Any person who transacts any
business or makes any comment
in the said fake facebook or social
media accounts does so at his or
her own risk" the Ondo state
number one female citizen also warned.

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