‘Who Wants To Be AMillionaire’ Is BackWith Season 7

The very popular TV game show
‘ Who Wants to Be A
Millionaire’ which first hit the
Nigerian TV screens in 2004 is
back with its seventh season.
The show which is broadcast
nationwide has become a
household name as families
gather to watch and cheer
contestants who attempt to
correctly answer 15 questions
and win the grand prize of
On Sunday, August 1, 2010, the
show faced a major setback
when Ultima Studios, location
of where the TV game show was
being broadcast from was
gutted by fire. This caused the
show to end abruptly, forcing
the organizers to air highlights
of previous episodes for the
remaining part of the season.
The show is now back and
promises new content and other
features and has started airing
since Friday, February 18, 2011
on TV stations nationwide.
Frank Edoho who has been the
anchor since season one, will
continue as the show ’s host.

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