When The Lion Is Back, The Kingdom Will Be In Order, Says Senator Shehu

Senator Shehu

Senator Shehu  has spoken again in parables, describing some of the lawmakers as leopards who do not want the Lion to return to his kingdom.

He wrote on his Facebook page : “The crocodiles want fishes to quit the rivers; the pythons want to monopolize the forest. The Leopards, Cheetahs, Pumas, Jaguars and the Cougars want the Kingdom rearranged.

“When the Lion is back the Kingdom will be back to order.

“However, the Tiger is doing its best to keep the Kingdom in the absence of the Lion.

“But the Lion is the Lion. I admire the courage, the strength, the tenacity, the resilience and the spirit of the Lioness.”

Comment if you know who the Lion, Tiger, Lioness, Leopards, Cheetahs, Pumas, Jaguars and the Cougars are?

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