What You’ve Not Done For Korede Bello As A Bellover

11378433_388370788023940_1843910952_nJust when you thought you’ve done all that is needed to be done as a fan of Korede Bello, I can tell you more than three(3) things you’ve not done for Korede Bello as a Bellover.

And if you are reading this post and you are a Bellover, I’d start by saying, thanks for supporting the great guy, Doro Mega Super Star himself Korede Bello.

So why we are here;

What more can I do for Korede Bello as a Bellover? I like his photo, I comment on them, I share photos and some other stuff… what more?

Please what more??? …

For every artiste in Nigeria and across Africa including the rest of the World, nothing brings more Joy other than winning awards for music in which effort has been put into.

Korede Bello dropped a hit track titled Godwin this year 2015 and ever since then things changed, he got endorsement deals, shows upon shows and now he has been nominated for three different awards in three different categories.

I bet you never knew. haha!

Well, he needs you as Bellovers to vote for him in these categories;

1. City People Awards – Korede has been nominated in three categories: Artiste of the year (Male), Most Promising Act of The Year (Male), Popular Song of the year (Male).

Vote for him by sending ‘Artiste of the year Korede Bello’Most Promising Act of The Year Korede Bello and Popular Song of the year Korede Bello to info@citypeople.com.ng

2. Afrimma Awards – Korede has been nominated in two categories: Best Newcomer and Song of the year.

To vote visit www.afrimma.com/nominees-2015

3. NEA Awards – Korede has been nominated in the ‘Best New Act’ and Hottest Single of the year Category..

To vote for him; visit www.neaawards.com

Once you’ve done this, I feel you have done what is needed to be done for Korede Bello as a Bellover.

Be sure to drop a comment if you’ve voted already!






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