What did Banky W say to Wizkid on Twitter (READ POST)

Earlier, screen gabbed messages supposed from Banky W and Wizkid was reported by bloggers where they lash at each other. In one of the tweets from the screen grabbed tweet which is said to have been deleted shortly after, it read:
From @BankyW: Am not gonna pretend like your absence from the team would not be felt, you will be replaced by a better artiste
Never knew you were such an ingrate, I made you who are today and that fact is something you can never deny, wish you all the best.
@Wizkidayo: I can never be replaced, you mistook my loyalty for dtupidity do fon’t get mad that i’ve decided to move on with my life


  1. Gozie Mike

    Am not blamin Wizy 4 leavin EME bt d issue now is dat he left so early. He would hav stayed for somtin 2 help improve d label an upgrade oda artist in d label cos he’s nt goin 2 b dia 4 eva na. All dsame he has his reasons 4 doin dat.
    Luv u wizy an Banky!

  2. Anonymous

    Even brothers split when they feel is necesaary. Wizy is still a lad nevertheless he know what and when is best for him. He’s got talent but he shouldn’t throw all that away.

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