What Buhari’s wife has to say about the apc logo #broom

Aisha disclosed this on Monday, during
her courtesy visit to Governor
Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara state as part
of her two-day Citizen Outreach and
Town hall meeting in in the state, Daily
Trust reports.
She was accompanied by wife of the vice-presidential candidate, Mrs. Oludolapo
Osinbajo, wife of Nassarawa Governor,
Hajia Salamat Al-Makura, National
Women leader of APC, Hajia Ramat
Tijani Aliyu, among others.
According to her, the masses, which
include illiterate and rural people who
have no access to the television and the social media, were the major supporters
of the APC and they needed to be
educated about APC logo.
She recalled that a lot of the people that
are in APC came from other political
parties where they chanted different
“ The illiterate can hardly identify where
they are now.
“So it is so important for us to educate
the electorate about the broom (the APC
logo). Our major supporters are the
masses; masses, masses and masses
especially knowing the presidential
candidate of the mega party. He was in
ANPP, then CPC and now APC which is
not easy for people that are not literate
to identify it easily ”.
She added that the upcoming elections
revolve around women who according
to her constitute 55 per cent of
registered voters and they must be
educated on how to vote.
In his response, Gov Ahmed said he
and other former mambers of the PDP
who defected, left because they realized
the PDP lacked the capability pf taking
Nigerians to the promised land.
“ Today, Nigeria has one of the highest
rates of out-of-school children. Today,
very few Nigerians can feed more than
one dollar a day. We can’t continue like
this. We must see a process that
ushered in change ,” She said.
Aisha has been playing a major role in
her husband’s presidential campaign. In
February, she and Mrs Osinbajo had
stormed Owerri, the Imo State capital for
the party’s South East women.

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