‘Wetin Concern You?’- Gay Man Challenges Abuja Mob (Video)

Gay Man

A gay man barely  escaped a mob attack in Abuja after he tried not pay the taxi driver his transport fare.

However, things went ugly after the Gay man offered something else in exchange for the fee, and the driver refused the offer.

In the video making the rounds on social media, Israel said

“When I was coming from Area 1, the guy stopped me. He said that I should take him to heritage. I now told him it is N500. He said don’t worry I will pay you.  He sat at the back. Later he said he wanted to sit in the front. 

When he sat, he started to say that everywhere is dry, that he should go and feel me, that anything I like he will do. I now told him that lets go but I already know he is a man. I now matched brake and gathered crowd for him. He started beating me”

However, the Gay man questioned their right to judge him. “Na you dey feed me? Wetin concern you?” He asked them after giving a graphic description of how he enjoys sex.


Eye witnesses at the scene later revealed that the crossdresser would have been attacked as the mob swelled and got restive, but for the quick intervention of the police.

Watch the clip:

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