Video: Watch Nigerian Ladies Answer Questions Men Are Too Afraid To Ask

Anu (One of the participant

5 young women speak candidly on some of the things men would want to know about bras, sex, periods and dating, but are too afraid to ask.

Question 1

In a video from Thenetng, Yemi, Oyinda, Sharon, Enitan and Anu talk about stuff most people would rather avoid: the comfort of bras, being turned on, feeling aroused, dating a friend’s Ex boyfriend and more.

Question 3

One described being aroused this way, “Hard nipples, you are wet everywhere, water dropping down your legs…”

When asked about Bras, Another participant said, “I love wearing Bra, I wear Bra 24/7, even to sleep. When I wear Bra, I feel like I’m held in place, I’m supported”

This video will either blow your mind or make you cringe!



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  10. Åhhhh GRATTIS JONNA!! Jag kände det på mig att du skulle vinna!Kanon! Jag och Kickan var i grundtjärn idag och tänkte hälsa på dig,men vi fick inte tag i dig. Få komma och hälsa på nästa gång vi far upp Stor kram!

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