Uzo Wazobia FM goes back to Primary School

‘UZO GOES TO SCHOOL’ is an educational project and more like a charity project from the stable of STRONG VOICE MEDIA owned by Uzo. This project is targeted at pupils in government-owned schools. In Nigeria, large percentage of parents would rather enrol their wards in private schools than public schools especially kindergarten, nursery, primary and secondary public schools because of reasons like lack of infrastructure, lack of teachers, lack of facilities, poor hygiene, and poor learning environment etc.

‘UZO GOES TO SCHOOL’ intends to create better learning environment for government owned schools, encourage parents to enrol theirwards in public schools, help build better future leaders and a better society, promote child health care and proper hygiene within the school environment etc.

For every public school UZO shall visit, the following shall be donated: Marker boards and markers, furniture, toilet renovation, water supply, electricity , first Aid box, drugs and toiletries. Also, if need be to donate more than the above mentioned, we will definitely do so.  Of course, I can’t do this alone, so I will source for financial support, moral support and otherwise from well meaning Nigerians to actualise this dream” says UZO.

More so, adequate documentation and update of fund dispensation and work progress shall be made available to members of the public via social media network and media houses.                                      The maiden edition and launch of this project UZO GOES TO SCHOOL shall be at Oore Ofe Primary School, Ojo bus stop off Liasu road, Idimu-Ikotun Egbe, Alimosho LGA, Lagos. “This school happens to be the primary school I attended” says UZO.

The project shall be launched and the above mentioned contribution like Marker boards and markers, toilets etc shall be unveiled before members of the public, everybody present alongside names of donors shall also be updated on the blog and other social media network and the media.

The budget for Oore Ofe Primary School is a sum total of five hundred thousand naira (#500,000). UZO GOES TO SCHOOL shall visit and rehabilitate two public schools every year and the above mentioned donations shall apply to each school visited respectively. 
Let’s join hands together and help build the future of our Nigerian youths and the society as a whole. Alone we can do so little, but together, we can do much more.

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