Two Women Arrested In Ghana For Selling Coloured Oranges

Two Women
Two women have been arrested in Ghana for selling  artificial coloured oranges to boost their sales and are facing possible prosecution by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in Ghana.
According to the FDA, the police raided the Madina market last Tuesday after photos and video of a woman dipping oranges into a colouring solution went viral on social media.
In the viral video below, a woman can be seen with two big bowls,  one a colouring solution and the other full of ripe oranges.
She then dipped the oranges in the solution and waits for some minutes for the fruit to turn deep yellow.
It’s believed the colour makes the fruit eye-pleasing enough to attract customers.
However, FDA says the colouring is “suspicious” and have condemned the practice.
Watch the video of the colouring procedure below:

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