Two Nigerians Arrested In Ghana In Ghana For Daylight Robbery

Two Nigerians
Two Nigerians have been arrested by the  Cantonment Divisional Police Command in Ghana for daylight robbery near the presidential palace in Accra.
It was reported that two suspects, Ndubueze Odoemenam and Chiokoko Amadie were arrested on Wednesday afternoon when they were carrying out their operation.
The two suspected robbers  deflated the tyres of their victim  and snatched GH¢6,000 he had withdrawn from a bank at Osu.
According to the police, the victim stopped after the signal of the red traffic light at Flagstaff House but suddenly realised that he had a flat tyre when the green light came on.
He pulled over to the side to check what happened, two guys on a motorbike zoomed past him and snatched the money he had withdrawn together with the envelope.
They were pursued by another motorbike rider who smashed the one riding the bike with his helmet leading to an accident at 37 Military Hospital. The accident reportedly caused the money to spread on the road attracting commuters, some of whom began to allot instance justice on them
They were, however, saved by ASP Nanka-Bruce, who was returning from a duty point. GH¢5,250 out of the GH¢6,000 belonging to the victim was also retrieved.
Preliminary investigations revealed that the robbers attached nails to bathroom sandals ostensibly to deflate the tyres of their victim.
Speaking to newsmen, Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer ASP Effia Tenge has urged the public to take notice of the new trend of crime and be vigilant.
She also deplored the reported attempt of lynching the two robbers at the 37 Military Hospital and called on the public to always report crimes to the police to facilitate the fight against crime waves.
The two have been charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit crime, and were arraigned in court Thursday.

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