Tiwa Savage Narrates How She Lost A Baby Right After Jamil

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In an exclusive interview with Azuka Ogujiuba, Singer and mother, Tiwa Savage has finally disclosed her side of the marriage dispute with TeeBillz. One of the most important cut of the interview was when she  described how painful it was and how she bled out the next child she was supposed to have after Jamil.

The miscarriage happened on a set while shooting a video at Jamaica.

In the interview, she narrated how she felt having another child immediately after Jamil and also how her husband TeeBillz was no where to help.

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  4. Amoo

    So many posts about Tiwa savage’s predicament, and adding
    sentiments to it..
    Now, lets get some things clear here,,
    Lol! Dont forget that That Man who almost everyone are
    insulting, bashing, swearing for, also hurt another woman
    whom he was married to, then divorced her because of Tiwa.
    Tiwa, knowing fully well he broke a Woman’s heart just to
    have her (Tiwa), what more did she expect?..
    U see dis life ehn, people are so quick to forget d beginning of
    things, while they concentrate on its end. Nope! Thats a
    wrong way to read through life.
    So, always start from a beginning.. Tiwa is simply taste what
    i call “KARMA”,, because that first woman Billz married and
    divorced, left in not just pain, but nationwide mockery, rumour
    and hurt. I bet she would be laughing to d heavens wherever
    she is now.. Infact, it was God as i believe, who took her out
    from d hands of that Man.
    Now, lets not forget that during this heat of Billz divorcing his
    ex wife for Tiwa, she fought back to retain her place, but as
    strongly willed by Billz, HE finally divorced her,, then his ex
    wife took to social media and direct to Tiwa who because of
    her, Billz left,, then Tiwa came up with d song “WANTED”.
    lol! U people shouldnt just rush to posting/ commenting about
    Tiwa’s predicament, while forgetting to start from d root.
    So yes, Tiwa is having d taste of what his ex wife had, and
    here she is crying..
    So Note: this is a message to those set of ladies who easily
    jump into d arms of a cute bad guy, who’s married and yet,
    telling u he will file for a divorce and end his marriage so as
    to be with u, or probably, still have u as a second wife, with a
    Top priority.
    Life is a B**ch that f**ks u so hard when u play with it.
    Never get married to a man who forcefully divorces his wife
    just to be with u,, for he will do d same to u when he finds
    someone more attractive and WANTED!

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