Timeless Pieces From Mai Atafo, April By Kunbi, Kinabuti Excite Guests At #FayrouzLoriginal Grand Finale!

 … Mai Gives Away an Extra Piece!

… April By Kunbi Makes Bride’s Dream Come True!
Guests went wild yesterday, Saturday, July 6th at the L’Original finale during the auction session for outfits from the judges, courtesy Fayrouz.
During the competition, Fayrouz L’Original judges, Mai Atafo, Kunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi, Kinabuti, Gozel Green and Orange Culture auctioned some of their exquisite designs for “Rouz currency”, courtesy Fayrouz.
As the auctions went on, guests could not hold back their excitement as they bid passionately for some of the outfits including a graceful white beaded gown by April By Kunbi as well as a brown three buttoned three piece suit by Mai Atafo.
Because of the tough bidding, guests with the highest bids received numerous donations from other guests within the hall, attracting loud cheers from everyone in attendance.  
The April By Kunbi dress later went to one of the guests who said she wanted it for her wedding. Mai Atafo also shocked the crowd by giving away a second piece of his outfit that was auctioned, as there was a close tie between one of the guests and EbonyLife presenter, Zainab Balogun.
This auction totally blew my mind… It’s been a really tough bid for this piece and because of this… I will be giving both bidders a piece of this outfit!” Mai said during the auction.
Team Elan, who emerged winners of the competition, walked home with the highly coveted prize of $20,000 while contending team, Team LoudTribe, came second place and received the sum of $4,000.
Team Elan will also enjoy a number of fashion opportunities including an automatic entry to showcase their designs at the International Lagos Design Fashion Week. 

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