This Lady Prefers To Work As a Bricklayer Instead of Being A Prostitute (READ HER INSPIRING STORY)


This story will inspire someone. Her name is BlessingNick Nicholas according to her Facebook profile. In a status she posted on March 11 2016, she narrated how she earn a living every day of her life. She wrote

‘It’s not yet 12pm and I’ve made 2k from carrying blocks at a building site…carried 150 blocks, it’s supposed to be 200 but they pitied me nd brought it to 150…now I’m resting to start at another site, this time its to fetch water from them till they finish mixing nd moulding 15 bags of cement…another 2k on the way…mehn its not easy nd I’m scared of developing muscles in my arms…but its either this or begging nd sleeping around… but there is no noble beggar or prostitute’.

According to her Facebook profile, she studied Environmental health at college of Health Science, River state. She lives in Port Harcourt and is from Edo State. Her name is BlessingNick Nicholas on Facebook.

She’s one of the great women out there who promote the dignity of womanhood!

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