Them Well So? 9 Year Old Boy Marries 63 Year Old Woman in South Africa

 According to what I read about this marriage, it was said that this young boy had married this woman last year and he just felt like redoing the marriage this year also to please the ancestor.

The mother of the boy said if they didn’t get married something terrible will happen in their family.

Trust people of the society, they frowned at it but the people in question don’t care one bit on what they feel.

I further read that after the marriage, that’s all, the boy and the woman don’t sleep together and The boy also has the dream of marrying someone of his age when he’s older and all this paparazzi is just to please the ancestor.

See wedding pictures below..

The first question is: Which kind ancestor be that?
The 2nd question is: One word for this marriage biko?

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