Taylor Kinney talks about his relationship with Lady Gaga

Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga may

seem like an odd pairing, but when it comes to their

relationship, the actor says it's very "normal."

According to The Huffington Post, Kinney appeared

on the Today show last week and briefly talked about his relationship with the pop superstar. Lady Gaga was casually brought up in the interview

with Kinney. He said dating an "iconic" singer like

Gaga doesn't feel much different from dating an

ordinary girl because to him it is like dating an

ordinary girl.

"I don't have that outside view," he said. "It's normal,

if you will, in that respect."

Like any relationship, they both work hard to keep

the spark alive. When you are dating someone like

Gaga, though, it may take more effort, since she is

almost always on the road. Still, they make it work.

"She hasn't said anything, but she has a spaceship

and she can get from A to B pretty quickly," he joked, according to Celebuzz. He added that she is a

"proud," supportive girlfriend, who is also a big fan of his new show. She has made time to visit him on set a few times.

Overall, Taylor and Lady Gaga, real name Stefani

Germanotta, are very happy together.

"I'm a happy guy," he said. "I'm a lucky guy."

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