Some Striking Faces We Saw At #StrongbowGoldenHour

The Ikeja City Mall was taken over by Nigeria’s first ever locally brewed cider brand, Strongbow Apple Ciders from Thursday, October 29th to November 1st for a huge sensory experience dubbed #StrongbowGoldenHour.

Featuring all the bells and whistles including special effects, a simulated farm truck ride and a magnetically levitating bottle of Strongbow and tunes from DJ Snoop Da Damaja, it was a big event which attracted everyone from TV personalities like Lamide Akintobi of EbonyLife TV to music stars, Ketchup and EFA.

In the midst of all the glitz and glam however, we couldn’t help but notice some faces which stood out from the crowd for being outrageously beautiful or just very interesting. Here are some of the faces of the #StrongbowGoldenHour

14-Lamide Akintobi

1. Bruh.. She walked into the room and everyone couldn’t keep their eyes off her! We’re talking Orente, Adaobi, Gollibe, African Queen and the Proverbs 31 woman all rolled into one criminally beautiful package. Shout out to EbonyLife TV presenter, Lamide Akintobi!


17-Guest at the Strongbow Golden Hour Consumer launch 1

2. Move over Jidenna! We now have a Classic Woman. It doesn’t get more glamorous than this. If she was an artwork, we would gladly buy it to hang on the living room wall. Outstanding.

35-Uche Okoabah

​3. Did she get prettier than she already was? Uche of Galaxy TV took our breath away on Thursday night. You go girl!

5 (4)

​4. OK enough of the beautiful ladies now. Here’s a dude with a very interesting hairstyle queuing to enter the #GoldenHourExperience.

09-Ketchup 1

​5. If that smile was any wider, he would have to be licensed by NAFDAC as a human antidepressant. One Love Ketchup!

11-Guest at the Strongbow Consumer Launch  ​6. A cool, regular looking guy who for some reason just stood out. Maybe it’s the cool, understated charm and charisma, or maybe it’s the classy but muted fashion sense. A face that sticks in the mind.


43-Excited guest and a bottle of Strongbow

​7. The happiest guy in the room. No, not really, but he kept smiling all night long and his smile is that infectious type that you just can’t help but notice…

Special shout out to these guys:

8 (1)

11-Freinds enjoying the golden hour 16-EFA Iwara

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