Shocking! Beggars Rent Kids To Make Money In Lagos

Shocking! Beggars Rent Kids To Make Money In Lagos

About five children have been recently rescued from their mothers at Iyana-Ipaja roundabout, Lagos. Reports say majority of the kids are being subjugated into begging by their mothers – leaving them zero chances of education.

A source disclosed the beggars often rent some of the kids they use and move from one place to another; begging passersby for money while using the children/babies to invoke sympathy. One of the culprits; Mrs. Abosede Ayuba, claimed she lost her husband after her twins were born.

Abode said:

“I used to work before but I stopped working when I did not have strength to work. As I speak, I don’t have a cup of garri at home to give them”.

Another Shakira Olatunde, 35, claimed her husband absconded when she gave birth to her child. She said:

 “I was selling rice and beans but when Customs seized my goods I became helpless. When I was selling sachet water, the Kick Against Indiscipline(KA I)officials arrested me”.

Speaking on the raid, The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Mr. Hakeem Muri-Okunola remarked;

“It is very sad that most of the beggars are not the biological parents of the children they use for begging.
It is our responsibility as government to protect the dignity of children being used as tools for begging which is a punishable offense” he concluded.

He added that government would not relent in dealing with beggars as some of the beggars were known for aiding and abetting criminal acts such as kidnapping and robbery among others.


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