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I just stumbled on this piece on Laila’s blog and thought I should share. Read what she has to say about fashola’s almost perfect speech at the senate today.
So many Nigerians have been saying beautiful things about him, thanking the president for nominating him. Honestly, it’s not worth fighting this man. There are some things that are more than politics, i.e… intelligence! We need this more now, Nigeria needs it… We need real men that can do the JOB! Not just figure heads.Fighting him in politics is really not worth it. And the new uncle, really? Really uncle? Hmm, that sit na soldier go soldier come o, na wetin you do we go talk when you go, not what your god father is doing through you! Work, work, work… Nigerian youths of today are not the ones of yesterday. And yes, we are not afraid to talk.
Back to the gist, saw so many tweets and write ups, but I picked these two, they best explain what happened today. Go Fash! Go Fash!! Go Fash!!! Intelligence over money any day anytime… Please continue…
Adekunle Salami wrote this on Facebook;
“I don’t sign cheques. I don’t fix contract prices, State Ministries handle these.”
“My Knowledge of Abuja is not as deep as my knowledge of Lagos. I have lived in Lagos all my life.”
“If we are afraid of abuse, start the state police. Not every state should start if it can’t be funded.”
“We are under policed based on statistics and my recommendation is decentralization.”
“As governor I felt responsible for every citizen that was robbed.”
“Security remains the primary but toughest job a leader can have; It was a competition.”
“Government exists to protect citizens and their assets therefore criminals are my competitors.”
“Online Technology is a very versatile tool for tax collection… moving to it would be important.”
“Before we increase taxes we must optimize the capacity to receive what is in place.”
“Our Work in Lagos was a Team Effort, I won’t appropriate personal responsibility for the Good Work.”
Then Dayo Williams said this;
“Is Fashola a guest speaker at the Senate today?
“Utter silence. Maximum concentration. Rapt attention.
“I like the way he links his divergent and varying ideas together.
“He has a way of bringing them to a point of convergence for the sole purpose of ensuring good governance.
“Before you accuse me of anything, I am a passionate fan of the former Governor of Lagos State.”
Love me some Adekunle Salami and Dayo Williams. Lol

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