Santa!!: THE GAME Drops $100k on Rolex Watches For His Friends

The rapper just dropped nearly $100,000 on brand new Rolexes for 12 lucky buds. 

The Game played Santa for a day and gave each of his pals a watch this week as a token of his appreciation — each one setting him back about $8,300. 

It’s clear from the pics … no one asked for the gift receipt.

Source: TMZ

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  1. I don’t know 12 men I’d buy a watch for. I don’t even know if I know 12 men at all.
    Even with that, I don’t see anything wrong with this. I’m sure his children are well taken care of and at least a Rolex can be used if a nicca hits hard times. To see more info please visit You can throw $100k at the strip club and never get it back.

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