Sad Mood At Mt. Sinai Hospital Where Medical Doctor Who Jumped Off Third Mainland Bridge Worked For

Mt. Sinai hospital

The atmosphere today at Mt. Sinai hospital Isolo, where Dr Allwell Oji who jumped off Third Mainland bridge used to work, was a bit depressing.

The Hospital staff went about their duty,even though they were a bit moody.

Even the patients were aware of the sad incident that had occurred and mourned the doctor they had known and trusted to treat them.

“As is expected, we are sad but we can’t issue any statement. At the right time, his family and the organisation will reveal what needs to be known,” the hospital staff said to LIB.

When asked if he had read the news making the rounds about Dr.  Allwell Oji who jumped off the rail at the Third Mainland bridge, he replied; “I choose not to read them.”
The staff at the hospital were generally tight-lipped about what had happened, what kind of person Dr. Allwell was and if there was any change in his behaviour that indicated he might have been experiencing a hard time.

As the patients sat in the waiting room to be attended to, one patient beckoned on the doctor and asked, “please what did they say happened to that male doctor that used to work here,” but he got no definite reply.
The search for Dr. Allwell who jumped off the rail at Third Mainland bridge into the lagoon below continues.

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