Robbers arrested for disguising as LASTMA officials and extorting N35k from motorist


Two suspected robbers disguised as LASTMA
officials in Lagos have been apprehended for
robbing a man of N35,000.

The suspects named
Funsho Williams and Adekogbe Olabode.
Here is the victim, Felix Adesanya‘s statement, as
reported by Global Village Extra:

“They said I had committed a traffic offence
and forcefully entered the vehicle, introduced
themselves as LASTMA officials. They later
demanded my wallet, ransacked it and took
N30,000 with a threat to take me to their office
if I did not cooperate and summed up the
money to N60,000.
In order to meet up with my appointment, I
went on my knees begging for mercy, but they
said I should take them to the nearest ATM or
face the risk of forfeiting my vehicle and paying
a N120,000 fine.“Left between the deep-blue
sea and the devil, I followed them obediently.
At the ATM, they demanded to know my
account balance, but I did not allow them see
it, I withdrew N5, 000 and gave it to them,
making it N35, 000 in all”.

LASTMA boss, Babatunde Edu condemned the
robbery, and stated that the suspects are not
LASTMA staff.

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