Reps propose N25m fine and 15-yr jail term for Yahoo boys

The House of Representatives has proposed heavy penalties for “Computer misuse and Cybercrimes,” with fines ranging from N5m to N25m for offenders.
Convicted persons will also serve jail terms ranging from two to 15 years.
Cybercrime is commonly known as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria.



  1. Anonymous

    What is the different between the so called yahoo yahoo boys and somebody that steal 20 something billion naira for pension funds just to serve 2year jail or to pay 700 naira fine. Abeg who come be the yahoo yahoo ?

  2. Rep no get farouk lawal and co, not worse than the so called yahoo yahoo?? Or is it the thief behind the police pension fund?? Let them propose death penalty for corruption and its related offences first. Shamelss thieves

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