Promoting healthy eating habits in children will check obesity–Physician

Dr Gbenga Durojaiye, a medical consultant, on Tuesday in Ibadan advised parents to teach their children about healthy nutrition to curb overweight tendencies.

Durojaiye told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that parents should promote healthy food choices and ensure they practised healthy nutrition as a family.

“Having a healthy body weight is a common goal, and that poor body image is no longer only an adult problem,’’ he said.

Durojaiye said that with the increasing number of overweight adults and children every year, teaching children about nutrition could help to set them up for a healthy adulthood.

“We as parents really play a pivotal role in our children’s beliefs and values about nutrition and food.

“They look to us to make choices for them and help guide their decisions.

“Learning as much as we can about food, dieting and nutrition can help us do the best we can for our children.

“It is not about being at a perfect weight, it is about being at a healthy weight for your size and shape,’’ Durojaiye said.

He also urged  parents to promote good health for their children by limiting their time of watching television and playing video games.

According to him, children who spend most times in front of the television or on games are at a higher risk of getting obese than their counterparts who engage in outdoor activities.

“Healthy eating lifestyles require discipline. I don’t believe in good foods and bad foods; all food has a place.

“However, it is a matter of portion and moderation and teaching our children and ourselves that we cannot have pastries and ice cream every day,’’ he added.

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