Prince William Caught In The Club Holding And Dancing With A Lady

Prince William

A video of Prince William dancing at Farinet nightclub in Switzerland on Sunday went viral yesterday and people are still debating whether his actions were proper for a married prince.

Prince William, 34, who is the next in line for the British throne was seen in a Swiss Club, dancing, flirting with a model named Sophie Taylor.

One of the onlookers said William looked “the worse for wear,” and told how others were astonished by the future king’s antics.

“He was dancing so wildly that I did a double-take when I first saw him and thought it must be a lookalike,” he said. “But before long everyone realised they really were partying with Prince William. I decided I had to film it with my phone or no one would ever believe me.

“He was dancing with a very attractive blonde girl to hip hop and really going for it — it was proper dad dancing. I’m not sure whether it was the drink but he didn’t seem to care how he looked and I never saw any security guys keeping an eye on him or his three mates. He started trying on hats starting with a skier’s bobble hat then a cowboy hat while he danced with the blonde. It was a hilarious sight.”

Prince William  Prince William Prince William

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