Popular Filmmaker, Charles Novia attacks the MAVIN’S princess Di’ja and Reekado Banks!


harles Novia is no stranger to lavishing
‘heavy critics’ on Nigerian celebs whom
he thinks go wrong now and then. Now,
its the Mavin Records princess Di’ja and
Reekado Banks who are the victims of
his latest thoughts!

After the release of the groups’ hit ‘ADAOBI’
last month, which has also been receiving
massive airplay across the country, Novia
thought it was a massive improvement from
their previous jam ‘Dorobucci’ – video wise –
but felt the ‘charming’ Di’ja had more work to
do with her pronunciations.

Novia said: “Something naughty but charming
in the near-sneer of Di’ja. She could work more
on her pronunciations in songs. She has great

He didn’t end there. Novia further threw major
shade at the the back up guru, Reekado Banks
to whom he said: “Its that Reekado Banks fella
I still can’t put a finger on his style. He seems
to force himself to please in videos. Not natural

However, over all, the film-maker believed Don
Jazzy did a thrilling job on the song and the
video by staying humble and allowing his
younger artistes to take all the shine including
Korede Bello whom he described as:

“That Korede Bello dude had huge screen
sharisma. He exudes something innocent yet
confident. Matched with his talent, he’s one to

This is not the first time Novia is hitting hard
on the Mavins. Back in May, he slammed Tiwa
Savage’s “Wanted” video stating it portrayed
African women in the worse form. He’d also
blasted other stars like Chika Ike, Genevieve
Nnaji and many more.

Guys what do you think, Is Charles Novia right
or wrong?


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