Policeman kills bus conductor for stepping on him


A yet-to-be identified policeman attached to the Alapere Police Division, Ketu, Lagos, on Wednesday allegedly shot and killed a bus conductor for stepping on him. Eyewitnesses said the policeman was standing at Tipper Bus Stop when the conductor stepped on him. The eyewitness said, “The policeman was in mufti. He challenged the man on why he stepped on him and could not apologise. I think the victim maintained that he was not going to apologise to him. “It happened so fast. All we heard was a gunshot and the conductor fell down bleeding profusely.”

Our correspondent learnt that people in the area immediately tried to swoop on the policeman but did not succeed as he threatened to shoot them. According to one of the eyewitnesses, the policeman also threatened to shoot a riot policeman who challenged him for shooting the conductor. “But as he was trying to escape, people around followed him and caught him. People were really angry. When they discovered that he was a policeman, riot developed. The rioters wanted to burn down Ketu Police Division,” a police source said. Policemen soon mobilised to the area to quell the riot and secure the police station. The police source, who spoke with our correspondent, confirmed that the policeman was from Alapere Police Division but said his name had not been confirmed as at press time.
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