Police Arrest Homosexual Who Poses As A Woman To ‘Rob’ Victims In Jos


The Plateau Police Command said it had apprehended a 25-year-old man homosexual posing as ‘female sex worker’ in Jos.

According to PUNCH,  Atsen was said to have been arrested at Gwom Guest House, Hwolse area of Jos and is currently detained at the Anglo-Jos Division of the Nigeria Police Force.

“The hotel management alerted us that someone is lodging in their hotel who poses as a woman but with physical features of a man.

“We mobilised our men and at exactly 9:30 pm, he was accosted and had been in our custody, ” Tyopev said.

Tyopev, who described the suspect as a “habitual homosexual’ said in 2016, he was arrested by soldiers but returned to his normal business after he was released.

“In the first instance, posing as someone you are not to deceive the public is criminal because only God knows how many men must have fallen victims of this act.

“Also, the law prohibiting homosexuality is still in force in Nigeria and anyone caught must be made to face full wrath of the law.

“We have had a lot of armed robbery cases where people are robbed at gun point, and people with such character also have the tendency to commit such crime.

“So, investigations are ongoing to unravel the real motive behind this act, to see if he is involved in other criminal activities, and to also forestall this bad trend in Plateau, ” he said.


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