Pictures from Darey’s Love Like a Movie Concert featuring Kim Kardashian

One classic show have attended in 2013 is Love like a movie concert, God!!!!! Darey can sing, and yes those dancers? they are not from this world. Kim Kardashian? I did not see her at all. But i heard she came on stage for a minute and travelled back. Yes!!! to an unbelievable moement. The show started at 8pm but when the show ended i found it unbelievable, i went outside to give somebody a ticket and the next thing i saw people coming out and the person asked me, Bigtimi why are people coming out, have the show ended? I replied no ooooo! it has not even started, darey is just performing and it will start soon. Guess what? To my greatest surprise i saw balloons flying all over the hall, firstly i thought it had turned to Kid Fun fair but i got to know the show has ended at 10:15pm. smh!!!! i was there for just one hour!!! well for my blog readers, Here are pictures i got from Linda Ikeji.. Kindly check..


  1. Mz.Ozav

    Kim K is short oo! And she’s п̥̥̲̣̣̣☺† so fyn sef she always looks so cute b4 to ♍ƺ but now I av a entirely different view.. Darey no try at all oo! He just scam pple.. Pple dat went late nkor they will п̥̥̲̣̣̣☺† even meet kim k.. Thumbs Bigtimi it was a lovely read

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