[PHOTOS] Woman rips ATM machine apart with bare hands!


A Chinese woman angrily dismantled an ATM
machine with her bare hands after she couldn’t
withdraw money. The incident  happened in a
shopping mall where the woman stood next to the
ATM mumbling to herself, pounding on the machine.

“She also mumbled to herself that the ATM was her
friend’s and that it’s was okay for her to break it.”

After dismantling the machine, she even stood
there as if nothing had happened, but was then
taken back to the police station once police
arrived,.. At the time, the woman’s manner of
speaking and bearing both seemed not quite
normal, so employees did not go forward to stop
her, and only called the police as well as notify the
bank tocome and deal with the situation.

According to Chinasmack,Police reached her family
in Guangxi through her mobile phone, and the party
on the other end claimed to be the woman’s
younger brother. The other party said on the phone
that his sister suffers from mental problems, and
“she’s like everyone else when she has her
medication, but if she doesn’t take it, then she’ll
have an episode. When that happens, she won’t
even know what she’s doing.”



Shilong Police state that they preliminarily suspect
the woman suffers from mental problems, have
already taken her to the Dongguan Mental Hospital
for examination, and are awaiting a diagnosis
before they process the case further.

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