Photos: Naked Mother Throws her 6-month-old Baby Out of a 6-floor Window, Says “the devil is in her”

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Tenisha Fearson, 27, on Thursday, October 15, dangled her 6-month-old baby girl out a Bronx sixth-floor window, screaming “We are all going to die” Hallelujah” and Praise the Lord” before letting the child plunge to her death onto the concrete below, police said.

The neighbours screamed in terror and called 911 when they saw her bring the baby to the window. “She threw a baby out the window!” one witness screamed. Then, in a bizarre, ritualistic scene, Fearson lay on the floor surrounded by her other three children: two girls and a boy who were also naked and lying on their backs, according to next-door neighbour Gregorio Lopez.


Lopez, 47, ran to the roof after he heard neighbours scream and saw Fearson through a window, he said. “I actually thought that they weren’t alive when I saw them lying on the floor naked,” Lopez said. But then, the maniacal mom “jumped up and started hitting the window,” he said. “That’s when I started calling for more help because I thought she might throw more (kids) out.”

The Child’s broken body was found on the pavement, officials said. Her shoe and Minnie Mouse headband still lay on the sidewalk. Emergency workers rushed the infant to St. Barnabas Hospital, where she was pronounced dead an hour later.

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Cops had to break down the apartment door to get inside and free Fearson’s children.

What a sad story!


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