Photos: Father kills own daughter with rat poison in Bauchi

27 -year -old widow, Maryam Musa is in pains after her 13 -year old daughter, Hajara Jarelu was brutally murdered by her father. Narrating her ordeal to Leadership, Maryam confirmed that her first encounter with love was with Jarelu Ahmed, who she met 14 years ago. Ahmed was a Muslim and she was a Christian. Because of her love for him, Maryam was willing and resolved to convert to Islam so they can marry without hitches.
  While preparing to marry, they crave to know each other carnally overpowered both of them and before you know it Maryam had conceived.
The new development eventually led the two promising lovers to fall apart and before the pregnancy developed, they were not on speaking terms. It was in this condition that Maryam was delivered of a healthy baby girl over 13 years ago.

When Maryam realised Jarelu was not willing to settle with her, as he had abandoned her and the baby, she decided to marry another man and this marriage sucessfully prooduced four children.

However, sometimes last month, Maryam decided upon her guardian’s advice. to take her daughter, Hajara to her father’s family as according her; “a girl’s honour lies with her paternal family.”

 But something unusual and terrible occurred. Jarelu decided to kill his daughter, Hajara at his family home. Jarelu was said to have used rat poisoning to perform the dastardly act.

After killing her, he dug a grave and buried her in his room.Maryam said she had no idea why Jerelu killed his daughter in cold blood.

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