Photos: 6 SPECIAL looks of Jose Mourinho during Chelsea’s 1-3 loss Yesterday

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It was a bad day for Chelsea FC’s coach Jose Mourinho as his team lost 1-3 to Liverpool at the Stamford Bridge in London, during the 2015/2016 EPL title race. 

What could have happened to the special one? 

See 6 Special looks of Jose Mourinhi during the game.. LOL. 

1. Mourinho be like.. All these my Boys Na Ogbanje. 


2. ‘hahahahahahahha, I’m now the expired one’

3. ‘Choi! What just happened there?


4. Say No To Defeat! I’m still the special one! 

5. When your village witch craft finally gets to you look! 


6. Is Mourinho dancing Azonto? I don’t get it! 



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