Photo: Wicked Woman Pours Acid On Daughter-In-Law

A 20-year-old woman from Soysambus sub-location in Ndalu Bungoma County, Kenya is currently in the hospital for treatment after her wicked mother-in-law purposely threw acid on her legs and also tied her to a pole inside a room for to rot.

Soysambu sub-location administrator Geoffrey Okumu, confirmed the report, saying the woman, whose name is  Reginalda, was attacked by her mother-in-law, Margaret Masai, shortly after putting to bed, however, The suspect has denied the accusation.

The Chief doctor at Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital, Oliver Mamadi said he took the woman in last Wednesday, February 22 with both legs and fingers rotten.
The acid had decomose parts of her limbs so they were consequently amputated.
Police officers at the Kapchonge are investigating the acid attack, with Reginalda’s husband and mother-in-law the only suspect for now

Source:eDaily Kenya

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