“People told me I would lose my fans if I got married”-Soundsultan


Naija Ninja boss,Sound Sultan has been happily
married for five years. But that may not have
happened if he had listened to advice from
people who told him marriage was a no-no for
any male musician – it would chase away
female fans, apparently.

Speaking to Punch, Sultan recalls how so many
people tried to discourage him from getting
married saying…
“People told me that if I got married I would
lose my fans. It is just a saying that they use to
scare you from marriage in the industry. You
would be surprised how many American
gangster rappers have wonderful families, so
don’t believe such talks. As far as you can
shield your family from the limelight you will do
fine. The more you want to make a star out of
all of them, the more people begin to find out
things and begin to talk and of course nobody
is perfect,” he said.

Recounting how he proposed to his wife,Sultan
whose real name is Lanre Fasasi, said it was
nothing special because they had been
together for seven years and so it was nothing
strange when they eventually tied the knot.

“I was reading a wedding magazine and I was
ashamed to show my wife because the person
proposed with a helicopter. It wrote
‘will you marry me’
in the sky as it was flying. For me, it was like a
teleported thing, we cannot even remember
how it happened we just realised that we got

We courted for about seven years and
we were good friends.
“I have known her for 12 years and she is my
friend and lover. It is just like when friends
want to go into something, they don’t make it

I did not kneel to propose to my wife, if
I knelt down she probably would have been
alarmed and forget that I wanted to propose.

She is a natural woman and very respectful
and she is not my fan.

She does not listen to
my music but helps me to build my dream.”


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