Our electricity bills are higher than our house rent! – Ifelodun residents cry out


Residents of the Ifelodun areas of Lagos marched in protest to the Eko Electricity Distribution Company in Ijora-Badia over the crazy bills served by the company on them, The Punch informs. According to the available information, the protesters were calling on shop owners and other stakeholders to join them, sang solidarity songs to the distribution company and demanded an explanation from the authorities on why such bills should be given to them. The residents marched from Amusu Street, went through the Gaskiya Road. Kamoru Wole said that some tenants paid as much as N5,000 as electricity bill on a monthly basis, which was higher than the house rent which was N1,500 per month.

The resident said:  “Badia and Amukoko are low-profile populated areas, and we paid as low as N1,500 for rent. It is a residential area with just a few people engaging in petty commercial activities. Yet, this is an area where the electricity per room is as high as N5,000.This is robbery by workers of the distribution company. Our electricity bills are higher than our house rents. We do not use air-conditioners; so where did the company get the high bills?” The residents also addressed a letter to the distribution company premises, urging the management to address the anomalies in the bills to prevent crises when the company workers would be sharing the next bills”. The letter reads in part: “The residents of these communities register our displeasure over the abnormal and arbitrary bill given to us a monthly basis by the distribution company in the Badia sub-station.

One of the landlords said the distribution company should cancel all the past debts of the residents adding that the pre-paid meters should also be supplied en mass to curb the menace of crazy billings.

We cry for the intervention of the management because our persistent appeals have fallen on the deaf ears of the junior workers. They have taken us for a ride simply because they consider us as some of the lowly placed in the society. This act is inhuman and condemnable. It has become the habit of the workers of the distribution company to increase the electricity bills of residents on a monthly basis without any justification.”

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