Osaze Odemwingie Prefers to talk about Egusi soup, Pounded yam, Rice and Plantain to Football

Days after former Nigeria defender, Taribo West, slammed West Brom forward, Osaze Odemwingie, for his comments on the state of the country’s ex-internationals, Osaze has again responded to Taribo on twitter.

It would be recalled that Taribo slammed Osaze for his comments on the state of the country’s ex-internationals, saying the player should focus on his career rather than using social network site, Twitter, to ‘abuse’ his elders.

Osaze had last week twitted that football administrators had failed to “treat former internationals right” citing late striker Rashidi Yekini, Femi Opabunmi and Taribo as examples.

However, Osaze today tweeted: “The shut up from T. West is a brotherly one. He is a top man and I got a lot of respect for him. He meant the battle is not yours!

“Pastor Taribo, I repent for not giving the other chick. Our prince said something in September. I tried to hold it but cracked in December.”

“Pls advice him as an ex player not to say who is and not needed in eagles. His advice failed as we all saw how good Mikel was in afcon.”

“Last year I had perfect peace until they came with an invitation for a friendly Miami. Couldn’t make it. Midweek friendly in Miami.”

“Chose not to go. Personal reasons plus Chelsea on Saturday. Preferred to be fresh for the game. Club first. They couldn’t use that as excuse”

“Coach says. Ok I ll speak with my coaching staff and let you know. Without letting me know I see list few days later on a Wednesday.”

“I said nada. Accepted it cos good side to it was I will witness my sons birth and will play in the derby against Villa ! No reason for anger.”

“3 days I say nothing and stayed focused for my clubs weekends game. After the game gave a normal interview saying I am not even surprised.”

“Sunday morning I read – NFF spokesman told MTN website he is not invited cos he fell out with national team coaches in the past.”

“Coach says – he is still in my plans but I don’t need him now.So one of them is lying. If I wasn’t in 32 man list how am I in his plans? Lie.”

“Nff should protect their players normally so very bad job from the media guy or spokesman.( Saying this respectfully. Just my opinion)”

“Then coach – say it as it is. Don’t diss me with-he is still in my plans. Have played 10 years there. After all that off course I reacted.”

“Maybe overreacted. Now that’s between few of us. It’s not between me and eagles fans. We have and will remain friends.”

“So from all this you can see I react and don’t start ranting for no reason. I was quiet since the Rwanda game in February. U asked me back.”

“Question in my head. What happened between the invitation to Miami and 10 days after no invitation? Past problem sorted and not sorted.”

“So the Miami one was a fake peace talks.”

“My demand to NFF is please don’t come back if things are not clear. Just as I told coach- if there is anything, please don’t feel obliged.”

“Also I know what respect is – told coach Keshi. “U are the boss. As you say, that’s how it ll be.” (why chose to talk to me through press?)”

“My advice to NFF- make sure all players exit nicely. So we can visit sometimes and say hi and support your work. Many that left don’t.”

“I am not seeking a come back as I have showed you last year I am not so interested now. If things get straight forward maybe one day.”

“So I am happy to please those tired of my wahala that there will be no more wahala. I will answer no further questions about our football.”

“I am open to talk about Egusi soup, pounded yam, rice and plantain. Calaba festival,Naija got talent and the rest.”

“All applauds are appreciated. I love you guys too. I know say I too much. No be mouth na my record dey talk. Many more to come still.”

“After this week una go dey find me. If I vex I will start tweeting only in Russian language. If I vex more will tweet only in tongs.”

“I don’t want anyone to drag me into further talks, so I won’t read even the hailings, so my people I hail in advance.

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