Olamide Badoo: I Can Never Run Out Of Song

Olamide Badoo

Olamide Adedeji, known by his stage name Olamide but popularly called Olamide Baddo has said he can never run out of ideas and songs.

Olamide is among the rare Nigerian singer who has released the highest number of songs (both his and collaborations) in the past four years and whose songs has ended up as some hits.

In an interview with Punch, Olamide said his fans have always been worried that he would run out of songs due to the frequency at which he releases them.

“Whenever people say things like that, I just laugh. Talent comes from God and if you have it, then you have it. Even as I’m chatting with you, I can get inspiration for a song and I would immediately note it in my mind. As long as life exists and things happen on earth, I will always have the inspiration to sing. Music is life and life is music. If I were to release all the songs I have ever recorded, they would scatter the whole place. I work in the studio everyday and there are many songs I have recorded that I am yet to release as singles or in albums.”


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