OK! : Nigeria is seventh most terrorised country – Gobal index

Map of Nigeria
Institute for Economic and Peace, a global think-tank, has ranked Nigeria as the seventh country most affected by terrorism in 2011.
The organisation’s first Global Terrorism Index meant to measure the impact of terrorism and the associated economic and social dimensions, was published last Tuesday.
The index showed Nigeria ranking marginally better than Somalia (the only other sub-Saharan African country in the top 10).
Somalia has suffered decades of terror under various Islamic extremist groups.
Nigeria scored 7.242 while Somalia ranked sixth with 7.244 points.
The other countries in the top 10 are Iraq (9.56), Pakistan (9.05), Afghanistan (8.67), India (8.15), Yemen (7.30), Thailand (7.09), Russia (7.07), Philippines (6.80).
The index rating was reached by aggregating the number of terrorist incidents, fatalities, injuries and property damage.

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