Nigerians in London call on Obama to improve world economy

Some Nigerians resident in London have reacted to the re-election of President Barrack Obama and urged him to formulate policies that would help to improve on the world economy.

Obama was re-elected on Tuesday for a second term in office in a keenly contested election that lasted till the early hours of Wednesday.

He polled 303 electoral college votes to defeat Republican candidate Mitt Romney who got 206 votes.

Obama won battle ground states of Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Winsconsin, Iowa and New Hamsphire.

He is also the first Democrat to win a second term since Bill Clinton in 1996.

Mr Bolanle Molumo, a Travel Consultant and a Nigerian said told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the whole world, especially developing countries, would be looking up to America for improvement in the world economy.

“I am sure he will try his best to make sure that the world economy improves because this will reduce the tendency of people travelling to America.

“If your economy is good, why should you travel to another man’s country?” he asked.

He also called on him to tackle the high rate of unemployment in the U.S.

Also reacting, Mr Christian Chibundu, another Nigerian, expressed the hope that the relationship between the U.S., the UK and China would help in improving the global economy.

“Obama is working hand-in-hand with David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, and China to bring a change to the world economy,” he said.

He said that Obama also had to tackle unemployment in the U.S. and should work closely with the Republicans to bring about the needed change in the U.S. economy.

Miss Queeneth Nwodu said that she was particularly happy that an African-American was re-elected as U.S. President.

She called on him to formulate policies that would help to improve on the economy of developing countries. (NAN

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