Nigerian Passenger isolated for Ebola in Spain

A Nigerian passenger heading to Madrid from Paris
has caused the isolation of a plane, believed to be
carrying about 183 passengers, after he showed
symptoms of Ebola


The Ebola outbreak has heightened tensions
worldwide as a plane was today isolated at an
airport in Madrid, Spain after a man, who was
reportedly coming from Nigeria, fell ill with a fever
and shivers.

The passenger, who had a stopover in Paris before
reaching the Spanish capital, is now being treated
as a suspected Ebola case, authorities said today,
October 16.

A spokesperson for the Spanish Airport Authority is
said to have stated that the flight arrived from Paris
and that the plane was taken to a special area of
the airport while the passengers were kept on

There were 183 passengers on the affected plane
and according to airline workers, they have all
disembarked normally while the plane will be

The sick man will be however be taken to the
Carlos III Hospital in Madrid’s where he will be
isolated and tested for the disease.

Two Spanish priests, Miguel Pajares and García
Viejo, have died of Ebola after contracting the
disease in West Africa and nurse, Teresa Romero,
who got infected by one of the priests while treating
him, is recuperating in a Madrid hospital.


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