NFF Acquires all-inclusive Match analysis software


The Nigeria Football Federation has made good its promise to practically assist Coaches of the various National Teams with all they need to succeed, by buying into the world-famous Prozone’s match analysis software that easily dissects players’ performances and enables a trainer to perfects his/her match plan and strategy. NFF’s move is in keeping with a promise made by its President, Amaju Melvin Pinnick to members of the NFF Technical Study Group during a 10-day match analysis educational programme in the United Kingdom last month. A total of 19 persons, including two women, were at the programme in the United Kingdom, and Pinnick also made it clear that the persons will be divided into groups for each of the National Teams and would be supported by the software that is seen as a wizard in performance analysis and opposition scouting. Prozone pioneered performance analyses in sport, with a dedication to delivering insights that have genuine on-field impact. Established in 1995, Prozone has worked with many of the world’s leading clubs and organizations in sport to deliver performance analysis services. Arguably the world’s most popular opposition scouting and post-match analysis platform, Prozone’s wizard allows instant access to every match event and links data to video, allowing coaching staff to quickly  and efficiently review contextualized performance information. It is used for reflection and preparation at all levels from academy to first team. The NFF will also send a number of officials from the Technical Department on special training for efficient utilization of the software.

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