News: Woman Searches For Foster Son

A woman, Mrs. Cynthia Greg-Ugadu, has declared her 13-year-old foster son, Ijeoma Ojei, missing.
Greg-Ugadu said she last saw him on October 6 after she left him behind at their Ketu, Lagos residence around 8am.
She said she had looked for the boy everywhere to no avail, adding that she had also reported the case at the Alapere Police Division.
She said, “When I got home at about 9pm on October 6, he was nowhere to be found. But, the pap I asked him to buy in the morning before I left home was seen beside our staircase.
“I waited all night for his arrival. I have been toiling all this while to find him and his disappearance has been greatly disturbing.”
She said though Ojei had never absconded from home before, he was however in the habit of spending unusually long time whenever he was sent on an errand.
She said, “On October 6, a day before he went missing, I asked him to buy me a bag of sachet of water and he spent about three hours outside.
“I went out searching for him in the neighbourhood and located him around 11pm. When I asked him where he went to, he refused to tell me.”
She said she verbally scolded the boy and threatened to send him back to the village in Onitsha-Ukuani if such a thing repeated itself.
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