New China family law compels children to visit elderly parents

A new China family law was passed this week that compels children and family members of senior citizens to visit them frequently. The new legislation was passed to address elderly abuse and abandonment as the Chinese population ages.
According to the Bangkok Post on Dec. 28, the new Chinese family legislation covers areas of support obligations and other legal matters pertaining to seniors.
The new family law in China represents an amendment to the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly legislation, which goes into effect July of next year.
“Family members who live separately from the elderly should visit them often,” the law stipulates. Additionally, the new China family law requires that “employers should guarantee the right to home leave in accordance with relevant regulations.”


  1. Anonymous

    I like the concept, we need that law in the US, so many children hardly ever visit their elderly parents. I see it in my immediate family.

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